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Start encouraging your children today – reward them for good and responsible behaviour




About Us

As a parent, you’ll always want to treat your kids to special things such as gifts and treats. Why don’t you turn these treats into rewards? This will be a way to encourage your children to learn how to be responsible from a very young age. Rather than only for them to get gold stars and treats from school, why don’t you start your own reward scheme to start encouraging the children. Remember, whatever they learn from home will make them better children outside. Don’t forget that “Charity begins at home” — try our simple excel reward scheme template today.

Why download the rewards scheme?

Remember this isn’t a trade-by-batter scheme with your children. As a parent or guardian, you still have the responsibility to ensure your children know and understand the essence of being a good and responsible child.

    • It’s easy to use
    • You can define the tasks or activities for your child/ children
    • You can choose the types of rewards you want for your children
    • You can assign points and duration to those activities
    • You have an option of printing out a certificate for your child/ children
    • Children get excited when they get a reward for being good

Rewards Point System

Reward categories your children can benefit from



Play date





Money allowance

Use the tablet during the week

Watch TV during the week

Types of activities you can engage your children in

Being outstanding in school

Completing homework

Waking up early

Going to bed on time

Using listening ears

Tidying up

Eating clean

Brushing teeth

Dressing up

Being kind

Being obedient

Below is an example of the Point Based System

These activities and rewards are just examples, as the parent or guardian, you should use the best approach that suits your children.

Please contact us if you need any advise. We are always very happy to help.